Monday 16 Jul 2018 | 11:08 | SYDNEY
Monday 16 Jul 2018 | 11:08 | SYDNEY

IMF vacancy speculation goes meta


Sam Roggeveen


24 May 2011 12:13

Yesterday, Lowy Institute Visiting Fellow and former Reserve Bank of Australia Deputy Governor Stephen Grenville argued strongly that the vacant IMF Managing Director post would go to a European.

Economist Christopher Joye vehemently disagrees, and instead nominates for the position...Stephen Grenville:

Appointing yet another French politician is nothing short of mad. The fact that the candidate in question is a lawyer only gives one more pause (what do lawyers honestly understand about the complex economic interdependencies underpinning the global financial system?).  If the World Bank is to be run by an American, the only other major global financial institution has to be more representative than the North Atlantic nexus. Surely there are credible candidates from India, Asia, Australia, South America, or other parts of the Southern Hemisphere? The Lowy Institute's Stephen Grenville, who was previously Deputy Governor of the RBA, would be one domestic possibility worth considering.