Saturday 18 Aug 2018 | 08:35 | SYDNEY
Saturday 18 Aug 2018 | 08:35 | SYDNEY

Hillary: More front than Myers*


Michael Fullilove


18 April 2008 10:46

You have to hand it to the Clintons. When Senator Barack Obama made his imprudent comment about people in small towns turning to faith and guns as a reaction against their economic circumstances, Senator Hillary Clinton spotted an opportunity. Obama's comment was 'elitist' and 'patronizing', she said. 'People don't need a president who looks down on them. They need a president who stands up for them.' She released a new ad featuring regular folks commenting on how insulting Obama's comments were, and to reinforce the point she downed a beer with whiskey chaser in a bar in Indiana.

The truth is, there are zero similarities between the life of a working-class person in Struggletown, PA and that of any candidate for president of the United States. Candidates live in a bubble of adulation, aides and private aircraft. But it takes a particular type of front to present yourself as a working-class hero less than a fortnight after you revealed, belatedly and reluctantly, that you and your husband have earned US$109 million since you vacated the White House.

* Ed. note: For non-Australian readers, the etymology of the headline is explained here.