Tuesday 09 Aug 2022 | 14:19 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 09 Aug 2022 | 14:19 | SYDNEY

Great moments in cultural diplomacy


Sam Roggeveen


12 December 2011 16:53

Australian faces (though not always our accents) are prominent in American film and television. But when they show up in our own region, it's worth noting, particularly if the face in question belongs to the Third Secretary of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta.

Here's Adelle Neary performing on 'Asing Star', a local talent show which showcases foreigners living in Indonesia. Adelle tells me via email that this was her second appearance. The first featured footage of her working at the embassy and told viewers Adelle has been studying Indonesian since she was 13 years-old:

Also set to appear on regional TV is former test cricketer Andrew Symonds, who's joining India's version of Big Brother. This could end badly for our image abroad:

I am also looking at this as an opportunity to showcase the Australian culture which involves fun-filled activities like barbecues, throwing people into the pool and being completely at peace.