Friday 17 Aug 2018 | 00:17 | SYDNEY
Friday 17 Aug 2018 | 00:17 | SYDNEY

Global health linkage

14 October 2010 08:48

  • China has announced support to sub-Saharan Africa in its fight against snail fever (Schistosomiasis). With some 180 million people infected in sub-Saharan Africa, it is only second to malaria as the key parasitic disease causing public health problems.  
  • Mental health is increasingly discussed in developed countries and finding its place in public health policy — take, for instance, the Australian Headspace or the recent RUOK'Day to prevent suicide. Yet according to the WHO, in developing countries, some 75 percent of sufferers are left untreated, fuelled by a lack of knowledge, social stigma, neglect and lack of funding.
  • Earlier this week the world's first clinical trial for stem cell therapy commenced. Now the world has to wait and see if stem cell therapy can live up to the high expectations of curing many of the so far untreatable chronic diseases and conditions.