Tuesday 21 Aug 2018 | 12:45 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 21 Aug 2018 | 12:45 | SYDNEY

A glimpse of our technological future


Sam Roggeveen


10 April 2008 10:58

I had no idea robotics were so advanced until I saw this video. The way Big dog — a robotic 'pack mule' being developed by a private company in cooperation with the Pentagon — recovers after being kicked is truly astonishing. But the video also suggests that, before such technology can be really useful, we'll need to see some pretty big advances in electric motors. The engine installed in the prototype sounds like a something that would go in a large model aeroplane, and it is probably too inefficient to be of much practical use.

And if you're wondering why you had an emotional reaction to seeing the robot get kicked by a human, here's the answer.