Monday 20 Aug 2018 | 07:06 | SYDNEY
Monday 20 Aug 2018 | 07:06 | SYDNEY

Give Iran a break (unless you live next door)


Fergus Hanson


12 March 2008 14:34

A poll by the BBC World Service  suggests the release of the US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran’s nuclear program has reduced global support (including in Australia) for tough action against Iran.

Support for the UN Security Council taking tough measures against Iran (imposing economic sanctions or authorising military strikes) fell in 13 of 21 countries polled. Support in Australia for tougher measures dropped 10 points since the last survey in June 2006. But for those closer to the threat, the NIE did nothing to reduce concerns: Israel and Turkey were two of only three countries (South Korea — which faces another nuclear threat — was the other) showing an increase in support for economic sanctions or military strikes against Iran. Israel, the US and South Korea are the only countries where majorities are in favour of either economic sanctions or military strikes against Iran.

Showing resilient public confidence in Iran and the UN, 64% of Australians are in favour of allowing Iran to produce nuclear fuel for electricity, alongside a full program of UN inspections, with majorities in the US, the UK and France also in favour.

 It would seem some serious PR work will need to be done if any coherent international pressure is going to be put on Iran.