Monday 16 Jul 2018 | 12:52 | SYDNEY
Monday 16 Jul 2018 | 12:52 | SYDNEY

GCC: Identity politics


Rodger Shanahan


18 May 2011 11:59

Last week's announcement by the Gulf Cooperation Council that it was accepting membership applications from two new members, Morocco and Jordan, raised a few eyebrows. 

At first glance, the choice appears a bit strange. While Jordan at least has a common border with Saudi Arabia, Morocco's North African location is somewhat removed from the Arabian Peninsula, to say the least. Neither country has any oil deposits. 

But there are similarities and complementaries. The complimentary element is provided through significant uranium deposits in both Morocco and Jordan, which may in the future provide good sources of fuel for the Gulf Arab states, most of whom see nuclear power as their future energy source. 

The similarities though, are the most pertinent factor. Both Morocco and Jordan are Sunni monarchies and fit in well with the kingdoms, sultanates and emirates of the GCC. The move should also be seen as reinforcing the message sent to Iran by the Peninsula Shield Force intervention into Bahrain: that Gulf Sunni solidarity should not be questioned.

Photo by Flickr user David Reber's Hammer Photography.