Sunday 10 Oct 2021 | 11:10 | SYDNEY
Sunday 10 Oct 2021 | 11:10 | SYDNEY

Gaps in China cyber shield


Rory Medcalf


27 April 2009 11:02

An intriguing diversion while visiting China is to test which websites one can and can’t access from within the land of the Great Firewall and the Golden Shield. Much of the time it is surprising to discover that seemingly provocative journalism from outside, about matters like Taiwan, Tibet and strategic mistrust of China, is fairly accessible. Which is why it was so strange that the website of the Prime Minister of Australia, better known here as the Chinese-speaking Lu Kewen, kept returning an alleged ‘server error’ when I tried to read it from my Beijing hotel room on Sunday. 

I had been hoping to read his latest speeches about strategic issues, ahead of the Australian Defence White Paper, which The Weekend Australian tells us will be released any day now. I will be in South Korea and Japan this week, gauging views in those countries about regional security issues, ranging from nuclear arms control to maritime security to, yes, the future of Australian defence policy. My consultations in China on the same have been fascinating, about which more shortly.