Wednesday 06 Oct 2021 | 21:36 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 06 Oct 2021 | 21:36 | SYDNEY

The future of intelligence (part 3)


Stephanie Dunstan


18 September 2012 11:36

The final chapter of my video series with leading intelligence expert Dr Jennifer Sims, Visiting Professor at Georgetown University, discusses the role of women in the security/intelligence field.

Dr Sims talks about the tremendous change in intelligence studies in the US, with a significant number of well-known women reaching senior levels in the field. It is a testament to the national security studies programs at universities across the US, says Dr Sims, which are becoming 'increasingly female in their composition' — not because they are looking at gender statistics but because they are 'looking for who is good' when searching to bring people into programs.

Women are increasingly occupying key security and intelligence positions in the US, and Dr Sims encourages women in Australia who are interested in national security studies to pursue it as a career.

It's a compelling conclusion to the discussion with Dr Sims on the future of intelligence, following from the first on intelligence and the information revolution and the second on the relationship between internet penetration and government instability. These videos were recorded in July while Dr Sims was in Canberra, engaging with the Lowy Institute and policy community guests as part of the Lowy Institute's UNISYS National Security Event Series.