Sunday 14 Aug 2022 | 17:15 | SYDNEY
Sunday 14 Aug 2022 | 17:15 | SYDNEY

Funding Australia future


Mark Thirlwell

12 November 2012 10:46

As the IMF has recently pointed out, these are tough times for the global economy, with a range of international economic risks including the ongoing crisis in the eurozone, the looming US fiscal cliff, the deterioration in sovereign creditworthiness across much of the developed world, and questions over the future growth trajectory of some of the big emerging markets all combining to cloud the world economic outlook.

Meanwhile, the recent Asian Century White Paper has arrived with a lengthy list of the economic policy challenges Australia will have to meet to prepare for what the Government thinks is the likely shape of our economic future. Then there is the debate over whether we in the lucky country might be in the process of seeing some of our luck run out

All of which makes it a good timing for Cameron Clyne to deliver this year's Lowy Lecture on funding Australia's future tomorrow evening. The National Australia Bank's chief executive will take a look at the fallout from the Global Financial Crisis and ask what we need to do to better insulate the Australian economy from future international shocks. Stay tuned for a link to his speech and video recording.

Photo by Flickr user darkmatter