Wednesday 13 Oct 2021 | 17:26 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 13 Oct 2021 | 17:26 | SYDNEY

Friday security linkage


Rory Medcalf


26 March 2010 15:03

  • The US and Russia are on the verge of finalising a treaty to dramatically reduce numbers of deployed strategic weapons, but here's some less inspiring news on nukes: Kevin Rudd has missed a chance to send signals to Washington that Australia would accept – even endorse – a more relaxed US nuclear weapons posture, for instance a No First Use policy.
  • Still on nukes: some reasons to worry about Asia's nuclear future, and the obstacles to dialogue among the major powers. (Incidentally, this is the first in a new series of Lowy Institute lectures in Melbourne.)
  • US and allied strategists are understandably concerned about China's ability to target US aircraft carriers with a 'new' anti-ship ballistic missiles. But in this fascinating piece (subscription needed to read the whole thing), former US Navy captain Sam Tangredi suggests the threat is not so new – and that there is plenty that can be done to reduce it. (By the way, although the author is no dove, he does not see US nuclear first-strike threats as part of the solution.)
  • Turning to non-state threats, I've belatedly been guided to this important speech by India's Home Minister, from last December, in which he outlines the huge challenge India faces in fixing its counter-terrorism capacity after the debacle of Mumbai. I'm glad he's on the case – but it is disturbingly clear that most of these changes will be far from complete when the Commonwealth Games open in New Delhi this October.