Wednesday 18 Jul 2018 | 07:41 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 18 Jul 2018 | 07:41 | SYDNEY

Friday linkage: Economics edition


Mark Thirlwell

5 June 2009 16:13

  • For more on the Ferguson-Krugman debate, see Slate’s Daniel Gross on the Bond WarThis NYT piece provides some background on the debt burden.
  • Here’s another debate that touches on some very important issues. This time the argument focuses on aid and development, and the participants are Jeffrey Sachs and William Easterly. Easterly provides his own (inevitably partial) summary of the debate so far here, with links to the other posts.  This is, of course, a long-running argument.
  • Willem Buiter welcomes us to the wonderful world of negative nominal interest rates at VoxEU.
  • More post-GFC economics: Steven Levitt gives his take on modern macroeconomics and links to an interesting piece by Larry Elliot.
  • Also at VoxEU, Eichengreen and O’Rourke update their earlier comparison of the current crisis with the Great Depression and basically dismiss talk of green shoots to stick with their previous conclusion: ‘the world is currently undergoing an economic shock every bit as big as the Great Depression shock of 1929-30.’