Wednesday 15 Aug 2018 | 20:56 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 15 Aug 2018 | 20:56 | SYDNEY

Friday linkage


Sam Roggeveen


18 June 2010 09:53

  • The European Council on Foreign Relations has launched a new policy paper: 'A Global China Policy'. (Thanks to Malcolm for the link.)
  • Blown away by the winds of history: Global Dashboard notes the unintentionally apt logo for the upcoming G8 meeting.
  • Leigh Sales has a good piece about what really goes in interviews with big names like Tony Blair; look out also for Leigh's usual list of eclectic links, at the bottom of the piece.
  • The NY Times has apparently banished the word 'tweet' from its pages. That, and more, from The Economist's new language blog, Johnson.
  • South Korean media reporting that Kim Jong Il cut short a recent China visit after Beijing rebuffed a request for new fighter jets.
  • The LA Times on the North Korean football fans attending the World Cup, which were first thought to be Chinese ring-ins:

Kim Yong Chon, 43, one of the North Korean fans, said the group, which numbered 300, was not Chinese, but he admitted they had been carefully recruited by the North Korean government to make the trip. Speaking through an interpreter, he said the group had left Pyongyang, North Korea's capital, and traveled through Beijing the same day and they would stay in South Africa as long as their team does.

They sang the North Korean national anthem loudly but sat passively, almost expressionless, through most of the game, with one man sucking on a beer. They spoke only infrequently to one another — Chon said they didn't know one another before coming to South Africa — and mainly reacted to the action on the field only when directed to do so by a man who stood before them like an orchestra conductor.