Wednesday 26 Sep 2018 | 08:28 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 26 Sep 2018 | 08:28 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


20 November 2009 10:59

  • Excellent op-ed by Tim Lindsey on domestic political ructions in Indonesia. He says SBY's decision to cancel his Australia visit had nothing to do with asylum seekers.
  • Kuwait is the most corrupt Gulf state.
  • Cell phone waiting area: ABC correspondent Lisa Millar reports on a neat innovation at US airports that desperately needs to be copied here. 
  • Economist Joshua Gans talks sense on the CPRS: it's not about saving the Great Barrier Reef; it's more prosaic than that but nonetheless important.
  • Via Free Exchange, visualising the decline of empires.
  • Some highlights from a presentation on Saddam Hussein's decision-making. I liked this part: the head of Iraq's WMD research program was asked why he believed Iraq had WMDs. His reply:

Because “little Bush”, as Saddam called him, had said there were WMDs. And if he invaded and there were no WMDs, Little Bush would be very embarrassed so he would make sure there were WMDs before saying it!