Sunday 22 Jul 2018 | 07:27 | SYDNEY
Sunday 22 Jul 2018 | 07:27 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


6 November 2009 10:44

  • Cambodia pokes Thailand in the eye by making a rather unusual advisory appointment.
  • Transcript of a recent speech by Professor James Cotton from the University of NSW to the Wilson Center on Australia's relations with great powers.
  • Timothy Garton Ash reviews a slew of new books about the fall of the Berlin Wall, twenty years ago.
  • Trade disputes usually revolve around dumping or import restrictions, but in this case the US wants the WTO to stop China restricting the export of key Chinese materials to the US.
  • An expensive panacea: Iraq pays up to US$60,000 each for bomb detection 'wands' that, according to the US, don't work.