Friday 20 Jul 2018 | 11:08 | SYDNEY
Friday 20 Jul 2018 | 11:08 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


5 December 2008 09:39

  • Coal is assumed to be an abundant resource. But is it
  • Industrial espionage? An Airbus presentation about rival Boeing's troubled 787 program has leaked. A couple of the pages are marked 'Boeing Proprietary'.
  • Did you know locals have taken to referring to Beijing's iconic CCTV headquarters as 'big underpants'?
  • The Dutch have found a way around pub smoking bans: patrons pay a small entrance fee so that pub owners can pay the fine. 
  • Low risk, high returns: why piracy is good business
  • I've noticed President-elect Obama does a pretty good line in deadpan humour. Here he is talking about nominee Commerce Secretary Bill Richardson's beard.
  • Obama's Defense Secretary is more of a one-liner kind of guy, and here's a collection of of his best work. My favourite:

I have to tell you, the most monumental ego was the first President I worked for, Lyndon Johnson. Johnson once had the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Ludwig Erhard, to the L.B.J. Ranch. And Erhard at one point said, 'Well, Mr. President, were you born in a log cabin?' And L.B.J. responded, 'Why, no, Mr. Chancellor, I was born in a manger.'