Friday 03 Apr 2020 | 01:01 | SYDNEY
Friday 03 Apr 2020 | 01:01 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


28 November 2008 13:00

  •  The scale of India's terrorism problem is far beyond what the West faces, yet Indians show tremendous resilience.
  • A photo of President Bush congratulating strident Bush critic Paul Krugman on his Nobel prize has inspired a caption contest. The winner will be judged by...Paul Krugman.
  • Andrew Davies from ASPI shot me an email to say that, although Springsteen did write good recession songs, Woody Guthrie had the best one.
  • Typealyzer analyses blog personalities. The Interpreter, it seems, is 'great at finding subtle connections between things and imagin(ing) far-reaching implications', but 'might come across as arrogant, impatient and insensitive'.  
  • According to this blog, 'the only single American event in history that even comes close to matching the cost of the credit crisis is World War II'. On the upside, the US government should get a big chunk of its money back.