Wednesday 19 Sep 2018 | 13:11 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 19 Sep 2018 | 13:11 | SYDNEY

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Sam Roggeveen


10 October 2008 11:07

  • A China milestone: 8 October marked the day on which modern China had 'lived for more time under the reform and opening up era than under Mao’s era.'
  • And just to drive home the point about Chinese modernisation, this week saw the launch of a new Chinese news magazine called Blog Weekly, which republishes blog posts in print form. The magazine offers payment for eyewitness blog accounts of major events.
  • Canada is going to the polls, with the opposition Liberals proposing a pretty radical green tax agenda. It might be doomed, however.
  • The US looks set to remove North Korea from its list of terrorist sponsors, a move that might keep nuclear negotiations alive.
  • A map showing how many FTAs various countries have signed. Interesting to note that China and South East Asia are still pretty light on. (H/t Barnett)