Monday 11 Oct 2021 | 17:27 | SYDNEY
Monday 11 Oct 2021 | 17:27 | SYDNEY

Friday funny: The silver bodgie


Sam Roggeveen


23 July 2010 16:10

Here's comedian Tony Martin on the TV biopic of former Prime Minister Bob Hawke that screened last Sunday:

Like everyone I’ve spoken to, I found it impossible to concentrate on the film’s narrative – the usual ‘ghost train’ approach to a public figure’s life (‘Look, there’s the bit where he wore the America’s Cup jacket’) – as I was spending all my time evaluating whether the actors looked enough like who they were supposed to be. Would it have been better with David Field, who did Hawkie in The Night They Called it a Day? Didn’t the bloke doing Keating used to be the camp hairdresser in the Decoré ad? Is that Bill Kelty or Matt Lucas from Little Britain? Is that Graham Richardson or Griff Rhys-Jones? Is that Gerry Hand or Brick Tamland? Who’s Josh Lawson meant to be? And where’s Gareth Evans? (‘Gareth’s stuck in Jakarta’, a line of dialogue informed us, and you could feel the entire nation’s disappointment.)

And here's some of Tony Martin's best work, from the early '90s sketch comedy series, The Late Show. This one's about border protection (Martin is the narrator):