Tuesday 14 Aug 2018 | 05:48 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 14 Aug 2018 | 05:48 | SYDNEY

Friday funny: Glory days of Oceania


Sam Roggeveen


2 July 2010 15:53

For Australian TV viewers, one of the unexpected pleasures of this FIFA World Cup has been 'Santo, Sam and Ed's Cup Fever!' on SBS.

Some of their work reminded me of the debate we staged recently on the effect Australia's various football codes have on our regional reputation. Rugby Union and Rugby League clearly play an important role in our relations with Pacific countries, but in regards to soccer, perhaps the best thing Australia ever did for Oceania was to leave it:

Of course, we also did New Zealand a footballing favour by leaving the Oceania Confederation. It's another chance to poke fun at the Kiwis: