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Friday funny: Gareth Evans


Sam Roggeveen


11 April 2008 15:55

Gareth Evans' puppy joke is diplomatic legend. In 1992, the then-Australian Foreign Minister, when told during a visit to Hong Kong that Governor Chris Patten's family dog had gone missing, responded that it might have found it's way to Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping's dinner table. The ABC sketch comedy program, The Late Show, had some fun with this incident. Note that the clip starts with a Jeff Kennett impersonation and later FW De Klerk, but the Gareth bit is in there, in two parts:

A personal note: The Late Show was hugely popular when I was at university and is fondly remembered among my friends. One of them, when he adopted a dog from the RSPCA a few years ago, dubbed her 'No.27 with black bean sauce' (or 'Beanie' for short), in honour of this sketch.