Thursday 02 Jul 2020 | 23:45 | SYDNEY
Thursday 02 Jul 2020 | 23:45 | SYDNEY

Fiji: Many two many complaining about DFAT


Sam Roggeveen


16 January 2009 10:17

During last November's Mumbai terrorist siege, Fergus Hanson expressed some well justified exasperation about Australians caught up in the chaos who complained that the Department of Foreign Affairs was doing too little to help them. '(A)pparently anything short of rolling the ADF out across Mumbai seems like it will fall short of expectations', he said.

But just how widespread is this inflated public expectation of what DFAT can do for Aussies abroad? There was a story in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald on Australians stranded in flood-ravaged Fiji. It was headed 'Tourists stranded in Fiji say they are being ignored', and said 'many' were feeling ignored by DFAT. But the piece provides quotes from precisely two people to back up the 'many' claim.

So who is really pushing this DFAT negligence line? Is it angry Australians abroad, or the media?