Saturday 08 Aug 2020 | 22:14 | SYDNEY
Saturday 08 Aug 2020 | 22:14 | SYDNEY

F-22 leverage


Sam Roggeveen


4 April 2008 15:23

This morning I posted news that the F-22 Raptor, a top-of-the-range stealth aircraft that Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon wants to consider for the RAAF's new fighter, is having maintenance problems in US service. But there is some more promising news for F-22 advocates. Aviation journalist Graham Warwick reports that the US Air Force recently testified to Congress that F-22 production will start to wind up in November. 

Lockheed and Boeing, the companies that together make the Raptor, are presently barred by law from exporting it because it carries sensitive technology. But if anything is going to move Congress to overturn that law, it is the prospect that thousands of people on the F-22 production line could be saved from imminent redundancy by an Australian order.

Photo by Flickr user Iscan, used under a Creative Commons licence.