Wednesday 08 Apr 2020 | 23:36 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 08 Apr 2020 | 23:36 | SYDNEY

Exclusive photos: Somali piracy


Rory Medcalf


21 July 2009 08:52

Australia’s declared contributions to the international anti-piracy effort off the Horn of Africa – the ANZAC-class frigate HMAS Toowoomba and an AP-C3 Orion patrol aircraft – are now in the region, although it is not clear how much of their time will be devoted to piracy patrols as opposed to  broader duties under Operation Slipper.

Still, here are some glimpses of what they may encounter. These pictures were taken during an incident in May when HMAS Sydney took a moment out of a circumnavigation to thwart a pirate attack on merchant ship Dubai Princess about 170 km south of Yemen. The photos are reproduced here courtesy of that vessel’s owner, Emarat Maritime Dubai.

The first photo show the pirates on their skiff, complete with rocket-propelled grenade launcher and ladder ready for a boarding attempt.

Next we see HMAS Sydney (now in New York for Great White Fleet celebrations) to the rescue. 


Finally, bullet holes in the Dubai Princess; the attackers meant business.