Thursday 16 Aug 2018 | 06:19 | SYDNEY
Thursday 16 Aug 2018 | 06:19 | SYDNEY

Europe swings like a pendulum do


Sam Roggeveen


21 September 2009 10:39

The FT's Gideon Rachman reports on the German elections:

...Green voters are the only party where a majority are in favour of the Afghan mission. What a reversal, that is - for a party that has its roots in the anti-capitalist, anti-American left. What has happened is that the Greens have turned into Germany’s most internationalist party; their voters may also respond to the human-rights arguments for the Afghan war.

And Foreign Policy unearths some student-days footage of European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, who in the 70s was a member of the Maoist Reorganising Movement of the Proletariat Party.