Monday 20 Aug 2018 | 05:08 | SYDNEY
Monday 20 Aug 2018 | 05:08 | SYDNEY

Enforcing multilateralism


Fergus Hanson


12 October 2010 10:22

A good day for the International Criminal Court yesterday. French authorities arrested Callixte Mbarushimana on the court's behalf. He is suspected of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Kivus, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The cooperation of the French authorities was requested on 30 September and the warrant issued under seal. It suggests the earlierĀ arrest of Jean-Pierre Bemba by Belgian authorities, using the same approach, was not just a one-off and that an internationalĀ court that harnesses its members' enforcement capabilities can succeed in arresting those it indicts.

Photo by Flickr user banspy, used under a Creative Commons license.