Sunday 22 Jul 2018 | 18:39 | SYDNEY
Sunday 22 Jul 2018 | 18:39 | SYDNEY

Egypt reading


Fergus Hanson


1 February 2011 08:16

Following Sam's call for online reading about Egypt, here's what I've been looking at from a social media perspective.

  • The most interesting material by far has been coming through on #Jan25, on Twitter. The problem may be volume, though: when I went to a meeting on 26 January, there were over 4000 new messages after I returned. 
  • As usual, the NY Times has some excellent coverage. This is an interesting look at how the Egyptian Government took Egypt off the grid and online activists tried to put it back on. This first-hand account discusses how the protesters kept going without mobile and internet access. 
  • The Washington Post highlights how valuable Twitter and social media have been in helping organise protests. Reading #Jan25 during the initial days of protest made this clear, but as this frontline account shows, Twitter is just a tool, not the main game. 
  • This post from FP's The Cable looks at the State Department's Internet Freedom agenda in practice. 

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