Tuesday 17 Jul 2018 | 04:41 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 17 Jul 2018 | 04:41 | SYDNEY

Did the US just bomb Somalia?


Justin Jones

24 June 2011 10:07

Reports have emerged this morning of an air strike in al-Shebab-controlled southern Somalia. Witnesses report that aircraft and explosions were heard around the town of Kismayo. An al-Shebab official has speculated that the aircraft were from the US. The US has form when it comes to strikes into Somalia against terrorist targets.

Twitterverse reporting this morning has suggested that the aircraft were F/A-18s from the aircraft carrier George HW Bush. The US Navy's State of the Navy report indicates there are three carrier strike groups currently in the Middle East. It is unusual to see multiple aircraft carriers in the area outside periods of major conflict, so there is flexibility for one to be conducting operations in the north Arabian Sea, off Somalia.

With al Qaeda terrorist Fazul Abdullah Mohammed killed in Somalia on 12 June, any such strikes would likely be part of a campaign to decapitate the al-Shebab-al Qaeda nexus in the Horn of Africa.

Photo by Flickr user US Army Korea - IMCOM.