Saturday 28 May 2022 | 19:53 | SYDNEY
Saturday 28 May 2022 | 19:53 | SYDNEY

Defence chiefs: Did we bury the lede?


Sam Roggeveen


17 May 2011 11:30

The Australian has a piece today alleging Defence Minister Stephen Smith is sitting on ADF senior appointment decisions. In the middle of the article comes this line:

Some officers are concerned that the delay might indicate that Mr Smith is planning to impose his own team on Defence rather than those suggested by ADF chiefs.

The Interpreter reported this story last week, and in much stronger terms than The Australian is using:

Smith is asserting his authority in the process in a most personal way. He is calling in senior officers and conducting his own interviews for the top jobs. The message is that this Minister will decide for himself, not accept from the options proffered up by the services.

Unfortunately, since it was the day after the budget announcement, this news was kind of buried in Graeme Dobell's budget analysis piece, so it only reached those who clicked the 'read more' button (and Crikey readers).

Still, it's a reminder of the quality of Graeme's work for The Interpreter and his unmatched experience as a defence and foreign policy journalist. It's also a reminder that The Interpreter offers not just high quality analysis of world events but also news about Australian defence and foreign policy.

We're branching out into new directions and formats too, such as Fergus Hanson's e-diplomacy interviews — another of those coming soon. And we plan to present a series of interviews with senior Chinese strategic and political thinkers, with a twist: we'll be asking YOU to supply questions.

Photo by Department of Defence.