Monday 16 Jul 2018 | 11:04 | SYDNEY
Monday 16 Jul 2018 | 11:04 | SYDNEY

Is Customs ready for this?


Sam Roggeveen


18 August 2011 15:12

Russian news agency Ria Novosti reports on what it calls a 'bomb in a box' cruise missile system, on display at the Moscow Air Show. This image, from the manufacturer's website, tells you all you need to know about the concept:

The Ria Novosti story suggests this is a new idea, but it's been around a few years, and concern about the applications for a containerised cruise missile date back to at least April 2010. Strangely, the company said at the time that 'professionals understand perfectly well it is impossible to use such [a] system from any container ship or truck.' Yet that's exactly what the promotional video shows.