Friday 30 Oct 2020 | 13:37 | SYDNEY
Friday 30 Oct 2020 | 13:37 | SYDNEY

In conversation: Anatol Lieven and Hugh White on The China Choice (4)


Stephanie Dunstan


27 September 2012 08:41

On the morning of the launch of Professor Hugh White's book The China Choice at the Lowy Institute, Professor Anatol Lieven spoke to White about some of the issues raised in the book. Click here for parts 1, 2 and 3.

In the final part of their discussion, Professor Hugh White and Professor Anatol Lieven turn to the potential paths forward for the major powers in Asia. White defends his proposal of a 'Concert of Asia' by citing the Congress of Vienna, which brought stability to Europe. It is no coincidence, says White, that the 19th century was also the European century, since geopolitical stability was the foundation for prosperity. Building a similar foundation of peace in Asia should be the goal of policymakers, White says, but it will require real political effort.