Monday 23 Jul 2018 | 04:33 | SYDNEY
Monday 23 Jul 2018 | 04:33 | SYDNEY

Clinton gets digital MVP


Fergus Hanson


27 January 2011 10:23

On more than one occasion this blog has waxed lyrical about US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's masterful harnessing of digital tools to begin the process of revolutionising diplomacy. Marvin Ammori, writing in the Huffington Post, takes HillLove one step further:

Today, in 2011, I'm giving Secretary Hillary Clinton the nod as the Obama Administration's improbable MVP in the technology realm. While she has not magically downloaded world peace on every nation's hard drive, she has been the smartest, most aggressive, and most successful senior member of the Obama Administration to attempt to harness all things digital to serve her department's wide-ranging agenda. For that alone, she deserves credit. She has initiated several innovative technology-based diplomacy and development efforts as a means of re-imagining power relationships in a networked world, under the umbrella of a State-Department marketing slogan -- "21st Century Statecraft."

...From where I sit, it appears the State Department has become a hub of technology activity. The Department has been dreaming up imaginative ways to use technology and actually implementing them in particular communities, for the benefit of particular people, in ways that further American diplomatic and development goals.  

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