Sunday 14 Aug 2022 | 16:44 | SYDNEY
Sunday 14 Aug 2022 | 16:44 | SYDNEY

Climate change: Adding insult to policy


Sam Roggeveen


23 February 2009 16:41

When she pauses for a moment's honest reflection, I wonder if Climate Change Minister Penny Wong will regret this sentiment, from her op-ed in today's Australian:

Some commentators, and the Opposition, appear intent on diverting us from action by embarking on yet another round of debate on the theory of climate change policy. It is time now to stop talking and start doing.

You expect ministers to say nasty things about the Opposition. But what about these commentators she refers to who, under the guise of 'debate', are allegedly just trying to stimy the Government? If Ms Wong has evidence for this assertion, she should cite it.

Since she cites no evidence, it's worth assessing her motives: what possible advantage does she gain by claiming these commentators are acting in bad faith? I just cannot see how it helps her. She may be referring to News Limited's climate denialist fringe, but why even go to the trouble of insulting them?

All she could possibly have achieved is to slight good faith critics like Warwick McKibbin, who just wants a better Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

There's also a whiff in Wong's statement of what Hugh White described in another context as a 'Get out of my way, this is too important to think carefully about' governing style.