Friday 10 Apr 2020 | 00:19 | SYDNEY
Friday 10 Apr 2020 | 00:19 | SYDNEY

Churchill and the Australia-US alliance


Sam Roggeveen


1 July 2009 11:26

Yesterday the Lowy Institute was honoured to host prime ministerial speechwriter and historian Graham Freudenberg, author of Churchill and Australia, due out soon in paperback. If you have time, listen to Graham's full speech here. If you have less time, listen below to the interview I conducted with him.

If you have even less time than that, fast forward to the last question at the 5:08 mark. According to Freudenberg, Churchill insisted that if Australia was to make America its primary security partner, this would be more than a defence arrangement; it also involved a change of loyalty from Britain to the US. Australia accepted this bargain, with profound consequences for our foreign policy to this day.