Thursday 02 Jul 2020 | 23:36 | SYDNEY
Thursday 02 Jul 2020 | 23:36 | SYDNEY

A call to students reading The Interpreter


Sam Roggeveen


4 December 2008 09:28

Prompted by this Miranda Devine op-ed in today's Sydney Morning Herald, I'd like to hear from our student readers about their experiences of academic bias in courses on international political, economic and strategic affairs. My undergraduate experience, somewhat dated now, was that the faculty at Deakin University's School of Australian and International Studies did lean left. On the whole, though, the curriculum was quite balanced, and even when it was not, academics treated contrary arguments put by students quite fairly.

So, over to you, student readers. Give us your thoughts, via the 'email the editor' button below. I will consider publishing anonymous comments if you request it.