Wednesday 06 Oct 2021 | 20:37 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 06 Oct 2021 | 20:37 | SYDNEY

Blog editor talks about the year in blogs


Sam Roggeveen


21 December 2007 07:28

Here are my favourites for the year:

International relations: Passport. Initially a little light and lacking in substance, but it has grown on me, and is one model for what we are trying to achieve with The Interpreter.

United States: Spoiled for choice, so I’ll pick the whole Atlantic Monthly blog stable, particularly Andrew Sullivan, Ross Douthat and Matt Yglesias; frighteningly smart and astonishingly prolific, to a man. Following these three over the coming presidential election year will give you a better feel for the contours of the campaign than reading/watching the traditional media.

International security: Arms Control Wonk, about which I have spoken before. And also Ares, a group effort by the writers at Aviation Week & Space Technology; the doyen of defence technology journos, Bill Sweetman, has taken brilliantly to blogging. He’s one to watch for early indications of when major Australian defence contracts like the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter start to go wrong.

Economics: Marginal Revolution is a personal favourite, but don’t take this non-economist’s word for it. I recommend this cool navigation tool for the econ-blogosphere.

Asia: This is a big gap. I’m yet to find a good English-language blog analyzing Asian current events. Suggestions welcome.

Australia: Andrew Bolt. I frequently disagree with him, but he has an excellent feel for the Australian political mood, so I’m always interested in what he has to say. As a columnist and TV commentator he often seems implacable and defensive. But his humanity comes through on the blog, and unlike Piers Akerman, with whom he is frequently grouped, he’s actually interested in ideas. He’s also one of the few Australian journos who takes blogging seriously.