Friday 15 Oct 2021 | 09:08 | SYDNEY
Friday 15 Oct 2021 | 09:08 | SYDNEY

Beijing scenes 2


Sam Roggeveen


26 April 2009 08:56

There are signs for the China Economic Census up all around town — they are meant to encourage citizens to cooperate if they are contacted by census staff. Although overwhelmed by the amount of commercial advertising, you do see a lot of government signage around Beijing too. I was told this is usually in the form of exhortations to citizens to do their civic duty (such as keeping the streets clean) rather than ideological pronouncements.

The SARS epidemic and the Olympics led to a publicity campaign to stop spitting on the street, which is a common habit. I heard different reports about how well this has worked, with some saying it has returned to its pre-Olympic levels. Apparently it is more common in Shanghai than Beijing.