Wednesday 08 Apr 2020 | 22:07 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 08 Apr 2020 | 22:07 | SYDNEY

Australia fighter jet wars...again


Sam Roggeveen


20 February 2009 16:18

I see that business and economics commentator Robert Gottliebsen has entered the defence debate today. Here's his lead sentence:

The most disturbing news for Australia today is not the economic reports out of the US but rather a report in The Australian Financial Review that states the US is considering slowing down the Joint Strike Fighter development.

Gottliebsen surely agrees that the defence of Australia is premised on a sound economy. As Jim Molan recently said on The Interpreter, '(t)here is no greater security priority for our governments than to re-establish our economic stability...' So given the ongoing horror show that is America's financial meltdown, how could that first sentence be right?

Gottliebsen also makes a factual error: Australia is not 'mainly relying on the Super Hornet for air defence', because the Super Hornets we ordered have not been delivered yet. They're due to replace the F-111 from 2010.

And Gottliebsen may or may not be right to say that 'the Super Hornets are no match for the Russian fighters being used by China, India and Indonesia', but such on-on-one comparisons have very limited value anyway, since they take no account of...well, rather than go through it all again, it's quicker just to note that I've addressed this issue before. See this, this, this and this.