Monday 26 Sep 2022 | 13:46 | SYDNEY
Monday 26 Sep 2022 | 13:46 | SYDNEY

Australia, the consequential country


Sam Roggeveen


23 September 2011 08:59

That headline was also the title of former BBC Sydney correspondent Nick Bryant's last post on his widely read blog.

Nick's posting with the BBC has now ended, but he's staying in Australia and is busy promoting a book, Adventures in Correspondentland (notice the three-word blurb from Christopher Hitchens on the cover — 'Bryant is good' — which shows that, on top his many achievements in life, Nick can boast of having moved Hitchens to brevity).

You might have heard Nick on Mark Colvin's PM program a couple of evenings ago, and yesterday it was my pleasure to introduce Nick to an audience in Canberra as part of our 'Food for Thought' series. There will be video of the event available soon, but meanwhile, please take a listen to this short interview, in which we discuss why Nick believes Australia is more globally consequential than ever (partly it's because we're a 'lifestyle superpower'), and why we're being let down by second-rate politicians.