Sunday 29 May 2022 | 12:14 | SYDNEY
Sunday 29 May 2022 | 12:14 | SYDNEY

Around the Lowy Institute


Stephanie Dunstan


16 September 2011 15:15

Last week, the Lowy Institute headed to New Zealand.

On 4-5 September, with the cooperation of the Motu Economic and Public Policy Research Institute, we hosted The Pacific Islands and the World conference in Auckland. A full conference report will shortly be available on our website, but meanwhile, here are some further resources:

Making the most of being in the Pacific region, we launched 'Fiji at Home and in the World', the first ever internationally focused poll in Fiji and the first survey of public views of the Fiji Government's performance since the abrogation of the Fiji constitution.

  • The results of the poll were quickly picked up by media, and Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who was in Auckland for the Leaders Summit, commented on Australia's policy stance towards Fiji in light of the poll result showing that 63% of Fijian people disagreed with the Australian approach to Fiji. 
  • Discussion continues on The Interpreter.