Tuesday 24 Nov 2020 | 11:49 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 24 Nov 2020 | 11:49 | SYDNEY

Apple fans, read this now


Sam Roggeveen


24 February 2012 13:46

A truly monumental essay here from Evgeny Morozov; this is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in Apple and what the company stands for.

Ostensibly, Morozov's essay is a review of Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs, but although I haven't read that particular doorstop, it's hard to imagine that Isaacson gets any closer to the essence of his subject than Morozov does here in the course of several thousand words.

This is the one piece of writing I have seen that puts Jobs and his company in a truly global context. It's a model of inter-disciplinary criticism; Morozov is not only totally convincing in his description of what motivated Jobs, he also ranges effortlessly and authoritatively over politics, ethics, and the history of industrial design. What are you still doing here? Go read.

(H/t Browser.)