Tuesday 12 Oct 2021 | 21:51 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 12 Oct 2021 | 21:51 | SYDNEY

APC/APc: What in a name?


Sam Roggeveen


19 October 2009 14:53

Regarding my exchange with Professor Carl Thayer on the Asia Pacific Community/community, I need to make a correction. I implied in my response to Carl that the version of the speech posted on the IISS website contained only references to 'community', not 'Community'. That was incorrect; in fact, both versions of the word are used, in a somewhat haphazard fashion. As for the version of the speech on the PM's website, that refers only to 'community'.

I can see how ridiculous it looks to be obsessing over a single letter, but read Graeme Dobell's original post on this again and you'll see it is potentially significant for the kind of vision Mr Rudd has for regional architecture.

It remains a mystery why the two versions of the speech differ, and it would be interesting to know at what point the differences crept in: was the IISS version of the speech given to them by Rudd staff, or did they use a scribe at the event who wrote down exactly what Rudd said?

If the latter, it's easy to see why some inconsistent capitalisation might have crept in. If the former, it suggests the Rudd team decided after the fact that Rudd's remarks needed to be toned down, lest he be seen to be advocating an Asian equivalent of the EU.

Photo by Flickr user Cuauhtli, used under a Creative Commons license.