Thursday 26 Nov 2020 | 01:49 | SYDNEY
Thursday 26 Nov 2020 | 01:49 | SYDNEY

And so to work


Sam Roggeveen


26 November 2007 07:37

Prime Minister-elect Kevin Rudd is wasting no time. The Australian reports he has already summoned senior bureaucrats to his Brisbane office and ordered them to begin the preliminaries for Australia’s ratification of the Kyoto Treaty. And his first congratulatory phone call from a foreign leader was from President Yudhoyono of Indonesia. As expected, Yudhoyono secured Rudd’s agreement to attend the climate change summit in Bali in December. So that’s a climate change twofer, and Rudd hasn’t even been sworn in yet.

The fact that Yuhoyono called first is a good early sign for the relationship with Indonesia. But phone calls are free (I assume Yuhoyono uses Skype) and talk is cheap. Rudd also took calls from President Bush and UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Given their close relationship, don’t be surprised to see reports in the coming days of a consolatory phone call from Bush to Howard.

Rudd’s ministry will be announced later this week. The Interpreter will publish a series of ‘Incoming Government Briefs’ from our experts to advise ministers on the key international policy issues they will face in their new jobs.