Tuesday 12 Oct 2021 | 00:13 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 12 Oct 2021 | 00:13 | SYDNEY

Aid & development linkage


Danielle Cave


25 August 2010 12:57

  • Pakistan floods: the BBC outlines who is assisting Pakistan and with how much. Another analyst argues that Pakistan needs much more than international support. 
  • Britain is tossing up whether to cut aid payments to corrupt regimes, including Sierra Leone. The article reveals that Britain's new coalition government sees aid agency DFID as being at the 'centre of national security'. 
  • UK think tank Chatham House alerts the UK Government to the potential dangers of implementing a cash-on-delivery (COD) aid framework. COD, previously discussed here, ties aid payments to proven outcomes. This report warns such a system could weaken aid programs that are delivering real results by strengthening public services. 
  • Sony, UNDP and Japan's aid agency, JICA, teamed up to give communities in Ghana and Cameroon access to watch the recent Soccer World Cup. Free HIV testing, counseling and HIV/AIDS education was offered at the same time. This short video explains the project. 
  • This Wall Street Journal article, then a follow-up blog post, has forced a number of NGOs, including World Vision and Mercy Corps, to respond to mounting pressure on the issue of transparency. Follow the trail of debate from here.