Wednesday 18 Jul 2018 | 18:35 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 18 Jul 2018 | 18:35 | SYDNEY

Aid & development linkage


Danielle Cave


15 November 2010 12:45

  • It seems Obama impressed many on his recent visit to India; of particular interest was his focus on global development and the importance of country ownership.
  • If you had $1 million to spend on tackling climate change, how would you get the best bang for your buck' According to some, the money would be best spent on a combination of family planning and girls' education in developing countries (thanks Kate Higgins).
  • New Zealand's Aid program has been going through some serious changes over the past two years; this blog post runs through some of the trends occurring in New Zealand's aid giving. New Zealand rates very well in the recently–released 2010 Commitment to Development Index which ranks developed countries on how much they are helping developing countries, measured across seven categories: aid, trade, investment, migration, environment, security and technology. NZ ranks fifth behind the usual Scandinavian/Nordic front–runners, performing considerably better than Australia (13th), Canada (9th), the US (11th), the UK (16th), and Japan (21st).
  • UNICEF has released its mid-term review reports on the Pacific Islands region. An interesting situational analysis of Pacific Children with Disabilities is included, as well as an important report on children and climate change in the region.
  • This is a gem. The World Bank and the OECD have partnered to make global data on aid funding more accessible and transparent. The AidFlows website provides fast access to nicely–packaged information about the volume and structure of aid funding made available by donor countries. It offers the same information for aid beneficiary countries. The sections dedicated to 'civil society' and 'news media' need some attention, but the website has great potential to become a hub for those interested in accessing the most up–to–date development data.