Sunday 16 May 2021 | 07:47 | SYDNEY
Sunday 16 May 2021 | 07:47 | SYDNEY

ABC blames all but the guilty


Sam Roggeveen


22 November 2007 15:41

ABC Middle East correspondent David Hardaker reports that a 21-year old Palestinian man has died of cancer because Israel barred him from entering the country to receive treatment. It's not only Israel to blame, says Hardaker, as Egypt had closed its borders too. Hardaker says both countries gave the same reason for doing so:

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev...supplied a written statement from security officials, which said it was impossible to ignore the fact that over the past few years, extreme Jihad organisations had exploited personal hardships to recruit suicide bombers. Israel is not the only party to bear responsibility in this case. Egypt has refused to reopen a crossing from Gaza because it doesn't want Hamas members to enter its territory.

This  is a breathtaking piece of moral blindness. Hardaker sees fit only to blame Israel and Egypt for the man's death, yet he makes it plain that the borders have been closed because of Hamas.

If Hardaker thought the Israeli and Egyptian claims about Hamas were untrue he should have challenged them. But I strongly suspect they are true. Hamas is a real danger to Israel in particular, and both countries have a right to defend themselves from the group. So why can't Hardaker bring himself to blame Hamas for the man's death?