Monday 23 Jul 2018 | 19:24 | SYDNEY
Monday 23 Jul 2018 | 19:24 | SYDNEY

The ABC and our innovation nation


Sam Roggeveen


27 October 2011 12:00

I'm extremely late to this, but I do want to note the ABC's announcement back in August that it is cancelling three of its TV programs: Art Nation, Collectors and New Inventors.

Since the announcement, a lot of love has gone out to Art Nation, with some rather predictable accusations of 'cultural vandalism' made against ABC management.

But from the perspective of a blog which is concerned with Australia's international competitiveness, a good word needs to be said about New Inventors, which was the only primetime ABC program I can think of that unashamedly and enthusiastically supported entrepreneurialism. You might even say the show was (whisper it) pro-capitalist. New Inventors had an endearingly daggy* and wonkish feel, and a genuine enthusiasm toward Australians who showed we can take on the world not just in sport but in science, technology and ideas.

I became a less frequent viewer this year because the standard of inventions seemed to have dropped, so maybe it was time to rest the format. But here's hoping the ABC find some other way to encourage innovation.

* For our international readers, a definition.