Wednesday 06 Oct 2021 | 20:26 | SYDNEY
Wednesday 06 Oct 2021 | 20:26 | SYDNEY

5-minute Lowy lunch: Copenhagen


Fergus Hanson


26 November 2009 09:01

It's intriguing how acronyms as ridiculous as CPRS have entered into the vernacular as climate change discussions have taken off. No doubt we can expect more impenetrable jargon as the Copenhagen talks get underway, but to soften the blow Fergus Green and Greg Picker yesterday launched a Lowy Analysis offering something of a survival guide to the talks.

They had a chat to me after the launch about the kind of deal we can expect from Copenhagen, the implications for Australia of going to the summit with an emissions reduction scheme signed off at home and what might explain signs of emerging skepticism from the public even as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concludes 'there is no longer any doubt that the earth's climate is warming'.