Friday 24 Sep 2021 | 07:03 | SYDNEY
Friday 24 Sep 2021 | 07:03 | SYDNEY

5-minute Lowy Lunch: Climate risk


Sam Roggeveen


7 October 2010 14:28

Former Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said in February that 'there may well be dispute about the cost of catastrophes, but the science on the link between these catastrophes and climate change has not been credibly challenged.'

Yesterday's Wednesday Lowy Lunch speaker, Professor John McAneney from Risk Frontiers, which advises the insurance industry on the risk of natural disasters, does challenge this claim. In fact, on the basis of his presentation yesterday, you might say he demolishes it.

Listen to the full speech here, or below to a short interview, in which McAneney also addresses the lesser-known shortcomings of the Stern Report and the IPCC.

Photo by Flickr user w2scott, used under a Creative Commons license.