Thursday 14 Oct 2021 | 13:45 | SYDNEY
Thursday 14 Oct 2021 | 13:45 | SYDNEY

5-Minute Lowy Lunch: China rise


Fergus Hanson


13 August 2009 17:52

The Australian's Asia Pacific Editor, Rowan Callick, gave an impressive talk on China's rise at yesterday's Wednesday Lowy Lunch. He challenged several commonly held views about China's rise, most strikingly the notion that it's on a gradual trajectory towards democracy.

In his interview with me afterwards (UPDATE: Audio now fixed) we discussed why he thinks China is a 'perverse' rising superpower, the influence of the Communist Party, its grip on power and even private Chinese firms. We finished with a look at recent Chinese interference in Australian domestic affairs — it's because we interfered in theirs.